About malaysiaGBC

About malaysiaGBC

Formation of the Malaysia Green Building Council (formally known as Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC) ) started in May 2007, when a group consultant, academia and representatives from the building industry met to initiate a non-profit making organisation to promote sustainable buildings in Malaysia. This group with increasing participants met several times during 2007 and 2008, and official registration of the Malaysia Green Building Council was initiated.

Later in 2008, the group was supported by the two professional organisations Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM), and by April 2009, the Malaysia Green Building Council was officially registered.

The malaysiaGBC is supported by the professional, industrial and government sectors. It is well poised to lead our building industry in embracing responsible measures that would help realized energy savings, water conservation, a healthier indoor environment, better public connectivity, recycling of valuable resources and provision of greenery in developments.


MalaysiaGBC’s vision is to make Green buildings and Communities available to all Malaysians; To be the leader of Green Building in Southeast Asia and become the main promoter of green practice, and the main sustainability reference organisation within the growing construction market sector. It aims to involve policymakers, professionals, and the society at large, in the quest for transforming the building industry into one that respects our environment by embracing green issues.


Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC) will be the key driving force towards a Sustainable Built Environment in Malaysia.

malaysiaGBC Goals & Objectives

  • To support the government in developing a sustainable built environment for Malaysia
  • To facilitate the exchange of knowledge among different stakeholders in the building and construction industry
  • To be the reference center for sustainable building resources in Malaysia
  • To promote and stimulate demand for sustainable buildings
  • To obtain and disseminate among the Members as well as the public, information on matters affecting sustainability
  • To support and provide facilities interchange with other associations carrying on similar work or with Governments, local authorities, educational and scientific bodies
  • To be engaged in research and development on matters relating to the work, theory or
  • The practice of sustainability or allied subjects
  • To arrange for alliance or affiliation with any Institution, Association or Society with similar objectives to those of the Confederation on such terms or conditions as may be in the interests of the Confederation

Key Roles of malaysiaGBC

  • Collaborate and support the government and industry to develop a sustainable built environment
  • To facilitate exchange of knowledge in the field of sustainable built environment
  • To be the reference centre for sustainable building resources
  • To be the platform for networking on sustainability matters nationally and internationally
  • To promote and stimulate demand for sustainable buildings
  • Support, promote and provide input to the Malaysia Green Building Index (GBI)