CPD Calendar

Coordinated Green Building Design CPD Calendar 2019

Last Update: 04 May 2019


Event Date Title / Description Conducted by GBI Pro Credit GBIF Credit CPD Credit Others Credit Time Venue
Tuesday 01 Jan New Year 2019
Events Friday 18 Jan EGM malaysiaGBC KL
Events Friday 18 Jan RE: POSITION – 10th Anniversary Networking Dinner malaysiaGBC KL
Monday 21 Jan Thaipusam
Friday 01 Feb Federal Territory Day
Tuesday 05 Feb Chinese New Year
Wednesday 06 Feb
Sustainable Seminar Wednesday 20 Feb 1st Series – MASHRAE: Intelligent Buildings, BAS and Green Data Centres
GBIFC #40 Thursday 07 Mar GBI Facilitator Training Course malaysiaGBC – Sarawak Sarawak
Friday 08 Mar
Saturday 09 Mar
Saturday 23 Mar School Holidays Start
Sunday 31 Mar School Holidays End
GBIFC #40 Saturday 06 Apr GBI Facilitator Training Examination malaysiaGBC – Sarawak Sarawak
Seminar Wednesday 17 Apr malaysiaGBC Sustainable Seminar – Constructed Wetland malaysiaGBC KL
Wednesday 01 May Labour Day
Seminar Wednesday 08 May malaysiaGBC Sustainable Seminar – 3rd Series malaysiaGBC KL
Monday 19 May Wesak Day
Wednesday 22 May Nuzul Al-Quran
GBIFC #41 Friday 24 May GBI Facilitator Training Course malaysiaGBC KL
Saturday 25 May
Sunday 26 May
Saturday 25 May School Holidays Start
Wednesday 05 Jun Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Thursday 06 Jun
Sunday 09 Jun School Holidays End
Events Saturday 15 Jun MalaysiaGBC Annual General Meeting
Friday 21 Jun KLAF 2019 – Start KL
Events Sunday 22 Jun RE:COGNISE – 10th Anniversary Dinner & Awards malaysiaGBC KL
Conference Tuesday 25 Jun International Conference: Cooler Affordable Housing in the Tropics at Marginal Incremental Cost malaysiaGBC KL
Wednesday 26 Jun
Thursday 27 Jun
GBIFC #41 Saturday 29 Jun GBI Facilitator Training Examination malaysiaGBC KL
Wednesday 03 Jul Archidex / DATUM 2019 KL
Thursday 04 Jul
Friday 05 Jul
Saturday 06 Jul
Sunday 07 Jul KLAF 2019 – End KL
Chapter Friday 09 Aug RE:FORM – Formation of malaysiaGBC Southern Chapter
Saturday 10 Aug School Holiday Start
Sunday 18 Aug School Holiday End
Saturday 31 Aug Malaysia National Day
Sustainable Seminar Wednesday 23 Aug 4th Series – Sabah Green Festival malaysiaGBC Sabah Chapter Sabah
Monday 02 Sep Awal Muharram
Sustainable Seminar Wednesday 04 Sep malaysiaGBC Sustainable Seminar – 5th Series malaysiaGBC KL
Monday 09 Sep Yang Dipertuan Agong’s Birthday
Monday 16 Sep Malaysia Day
Events Friday 27 Sep RE:VEAL #1 – Penang International Green Conference & Exhibition 2019: Penang Green & Smart City malaysiaGBC – PGC Penang
Saturday 28 Sep
Sunday 29 Sep
Events Sunday 06 Oct RE:ENGAGE – Larian Hijau KL 2019 malaysiaGBC KL
Events Wednesday 09 Oct RE:VEAL #2 – IUSGBC International Green Conference & Site Visit (In Conjunction with IGEM 2019) malaysiaGBC KL
Thursday 10 Oct
Monday 27 Oct Deepavali
Seminar Thursday 31 Oct GBI Facilitator Training Course malaysiaGBC KL
Friday 01 Nov
Saturday 02 Nov
Saturday 09 Nov Maulidur Rasul
Events Wednesday 20 Nov RES:POND – malaysiaGBC Green CSR Programme malaysiaGBC KL
Saturday 23 Nov School Holidays Start
CPD Seminar Wednesday 04 Dec MalaysiaGBC Sustainable Seminar – 6th Series malaysiaGBC KL
Wednesday 25 Dec Christmas
Tuesday 31 Dec School Holidays End



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*Please contact the respective organiser directly for registration/further information. The CPD Calendar is subject to change without prior notice.