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Coordinated Green Building Design CPD Calendar 2022

Last Update: 24 Nov 2022

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Event Date Title / Description Conducted by GBI Credit LAM Credit BEM Credit MBOT Credit HRDF Venue
Friday 1 July Annual Dinner & Awards Night 2022 malaysiaGBC WESTIN HOTEL KL
Thursday 07 July Georgetown World Heritage City Day
Saturday 09 July Penang Governor’s Birthday
Sunday 10 July Hari Raya Aidiladha
Monday 11 July
GBIFC – Examination Saturday 23 July GBI Facilitator Course Examination #47 malaysiaGBC
Saturday 30 July Awal Muharram
Webinar Saturday 13 Aug Natural Resources – Rainwater for Sustainable malaysiaGBC 2 points 1.5 points 3 points 2 points Claimable Webinar
Webinar Thursday 18 Aug Concrete, Metal, Glass+Wood, Building Greener malaysiaGBC 1 point 1 point 2 points 2 points NIL Webinar
Wednesday 31 Aug Independent Day
Saturday 03 Sep Hari Hoi Almarhum Sultan Iskandar (Johor)
Friday 16 Sep Malaysia Day
Webinar Saturday 24 Sep Embracing Digital Technology in the Built Environment malaysiaGBC 2 points 1 points 4 points 2 points NIL Webinar
Saturday 01 Oct Sabah Governor’s Birthday
Sunday 09 Oct Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
Monday 10 Oct Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Observed
Friday 14 Oct IGEM 2022 : Race Towards Net Zero With Malaysiagbc CarbonScore malaysiaGBC
Saturday 15 Oct
Sunday 16 Oct 2 points 1 points 3 points
Monday 24 Oct Deepavali
GBIFC Friday 04 Nov GBI Facilitator Course #48 malaysiaGBC
Saturday 05 Nov 12 points 3 points 22 point 10 points Claimable
Sunday 06 Nov
Wednesday 23 Nov Green Building Tour Series: BVH, 1 LASAM malaysiaGBC Northern Chapter
GBIFC – Examination Saturday 26 Nov GBI Facilitator Course Examination #48 malaysiaGBC Virtual
Saturday 03 Dec Green Building Tour Series: PARAMIT, Factory in Forest malaysiaGBC Northern Chapter
Webinar – Southern Chapter Thursday 03 Dec Designing Green Interior malaysiaGBC Southern Chapter Webinar
Sunday 11 Dec Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday
Monday 12 Dec Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday Observed
Webinar – Sabah Chapter Saturday 17 Dec Eco Resorts and Green Homes malaysiaGBC Sabah Chapter Webinar
Sunday 25 Dec Christmas Day
Monday 26 Dec Christmas Day Observed


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