Eco Living Cabin – Green Generation Awards 2018

Eco Living Cabin – Green Generation Awards 2018

in conjunction with Penang Green Carnival


To discover ideas and inspirations from the younger generation about the green and sustainable lifestyle.

Eligibility & Registration

  • Anyone ranging from 18-30 years old.
  • Individual or in group of not more than 2 members.
  • Registration for participation is FREE.

Design Requirement

Participants need to design a typology of an eco loving cabin for 2 people within a size of 200-400 sqf. The design shall allow duplication of units to a bigger complex for a group of people in a non-specified site of not more than 10,000 sqf. The cabins are allowed to be duplicated with different cabin design.

Participants shall showcase their initiative on making the eco living cabin as a solution to the sustainability development.

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