No Coal. Promote Net Zero in Malaysia Instead!

No Coal. Promote Net Zero in Malaysia Instead!

While renewable energy through solar PV is already financially feasible as compared to carbon-based energy, a nation cannot ignore energy efficiency. This is because the cost of energy efficiency to a nation is well below that of any available renewable energy technology. The rate of return of energy efficiency is far higher than other investments that are available. International Energy Agency (IEA) has identified that Energy Efficiency alone has the potential to achieve 80%+ energy savings in buildings.

Business case scenarios of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Malaysia today:
• Renewable Energy – Rooftop Solar PV
• Energy Efficiency in Building
• Say no to nuclear.
• Say no to coal and other carbon-based fuel
• Remove subsidy of energy, water, and waste
• Remove laws that hinder the green development
• Create laws that help green businesses
• Make information easily available
• Provide grants, soft-loan and more to green businesses with high potential
• Create awareness and education to our people

With the above, we hope the new government of Malaysia would consider and have the vision to appreciate the economic potential of sustainable development. With the holistic policies and priorities, our environment and society will be benefited more so to strengthen our national economy. Let’s look forward to a more sustainable future with energy efficiency and renewable energy industry as one of the key drivers of the Malaysian economy. – read more

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