Push Towards Nett-Zero Carbon Buildings

Push Towards Nett-Zero Carbon Buildings

Towards this end, MalaysiaGBC is developing a nett-zero carbon tool to be launched in 2021.
by  Khirtini K Kumaran

There are not many nett-zero buildings in the world. To date, Malaysia has none. However, when it comes to the subsets of nett-zero green buildings, whether they be nett-zero energy, nett-zero water, or nett-zero waste, there are plenty of facilities.

“Over the past 10 years, there are about 600 green buildings in Malaysia, mostly are in the Klang Valley,” Malaysia Green Building Council (MGBC) president, Sim Chee Liang told @green, adding the tools break down aspects such as design, construction, site, and other nett-zero subsets.

“The combination of all the subsets makes a nett-zero carbon building, which unfortunately Malaysia has none. MGBC is developing a nett-zero carbon tool, which is targeted to be launched in 2021.”

MGBC’s development of the nett-zero carbon tool is in line with the World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) commitment for nett-zero carbon emission. MGBC, which is a member of WGBC, aims to promote green practice within the built environment industry in Malaysia.

WGBC’s Nett-zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment) challenges businesses, organisations, cities, states, and regions to reach nett-zero carbon in the operation for all assets under their direct control by 2030, and to advocate for all buildings to be nett-zero carbon in
operation by 2050.

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