25-26 June 2019 | International Conference: Comfortable Affordable Housing in the Tropics

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01 Introduction of LETCHI

SESSION 1 – Sharing Feature of Traditional Architecture in Different Tropical Countires

01 LETCHI – Session 1 – Cameroon (Vincent Kitio)
02 LETCHI – Session 1 – India (Martin Scherfler)
03 LETCHI – Session 1 – Indonesia ( Muhammad Nur Fajri Alfata)
04 LETCHI – Session 1 – Nigeria (Mattew Akintayo Oloyede)

SESSION 2 – Sharing Feature of Contemporary Architecture in Different Tropical Countries

01 LETCHI – Session 2 – Indonesia (Suhendri)
02 LETCHI – Session 2 – Kenya (Musau Kimeu)
03 LETCHI – Session 2 – Malaysia ( Sofia Castelo)

SESSION 3 – Fundamental Aspects of Designing Low-Energy Buildings in the Tropics

01 LETCHI – Session 3 – Sri Lanka (Rahula Anura Attalage)
02 LETCHI – Session 3 – Thailand ( Atch Sresthaputra)

SESSION 4 – Contribution of Modern Tools to Designing Low-Energy Buildings in the Tropics

01 LETCHI – Session 4 – Singapore (Tan Tian Chong)
02 LETCHI – Session 4 – Cameroon (Vincent Kitio)
03 LETCHI – Session 4 – Sudan (Abubakr Hussein Merghani Abdalla)
04 LETCHI – Session 4 – Vietnam (Nguyen Tu)

SESSION 5 – Example of Residential Housing Designed for Better Comfort and Low Environmental Impact without Incuring High Incremental Cost

01 LETCHI – Session 5 – India (Nidhi Gupta)
02 LETCHI – Session 5 – Reunion (Antoine Perrau)
03 LETCHI – Session 5 – Singapore (Ar. Jennifer Chai)
04 LETCHI – Session 5 – Thailand (Assoc. Prof. Chalermwat Tantasavasdi)
05 LETCHI – Session 5 – Vietnam (Ma Khai Hien)

6 October 2018 | Radiant Barrier

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01 High-Efficiency Insulations for Cooler Building (Ar Michael Ching)
02 Evaluation of Thermal Performance (Dr. Yarbrough)
03 Radiant Barrier as a Product Type (Dr. Yarbrough)
04 Case Study on Radiant Barrier (Dr. Lim Chin Haw)

MalaysiaGBC – Research Paper on Better Places for People

This project identifies design features that are known to have positive impacts on the health, wellbeing, and productivity of office building occupants and relating those back to the physical features of buildings and employee perceptions. This study looks at the performance of two office buildings one green and the other non-green but both fitted out to a green interior specification. The findings indicate that the existing buildings shell and environmental performance, namely the cooling thermal performance and daylighting were the two main factors that affected the comfort levels for the employees day to day work in the workspace.

01 Research Paper on Better Places for People (Research & Education Committee)

08 May 2018 | MU-IGBC 2018 – Energising Green Buildings

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Theme 1 : Theory Technology Practice of Green Building
01 – Assessing Green Practices and their Impact on the Environmental and Financial Performances of Construction Projects.
02 – Environmental Literacy Level among Architecture Students in Private Universities, Klang Valley, Malaysia.
03 – Identifying Factors and Impacts of Occupational Safety and HEealth (OSH) Towards Work Accident in Achieving Sustainable Construction.
04 – Evaluating the Effect of Green Certificate Building on the Condominium Price in Petaling Using Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA).
05 – A Review of the Air Vortex Formation to Generate Energy in Solar Chimney*.

Theme 2 : Building Information Modelling and Energy Simulation
01 – Impact of Façade Design on Building Thermal Performance in Tropical Climate.
02 – Theoretical Framework of Building Lighting Intensity Control by Using IoT.
03 – Towards Vision 2020: Exploring Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation from the Malaysian Architect’s Perspective.
04 – Energy usage and energy saving potential of air conditioning Mosque in Penang Malaysia.
05 – Modeling of Bifacial Solar Cell on Partial Transparent Si Wafer by SILVACO Software.
06 – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as an Efficient Tool for Ejector Simulations – A Review.
07 – Computational BIM-based Framework for Sustainable Material Assessment in Green Building Projects.
08 – Automation of Building Envelope Thermal Performance Assessment Using Computational BIM.

Theme 3 : Indoor and Outdoor Environmental Quality
01 – An Experiment Using the Floating Treatment Wetland For Water Quality Improvement In Stormwater Pond.
02 – Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices on Building Construction Sites: A Review.
03 – Effects and Usefulness of Evaporative Cooling in Malaysia.
04 – Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in Malaysian GBI Rated Office Buildings: A Pilot Study.
05 – Preliminary Evaluation on Air Flow in Atrium of Building in Hot and Humid Climate.
06 – Evaluating Indoor Air Movement in Student Residential Building Using Cross Ventilation Strategies.
07 – Assessment of Window Blind Operation to Understand Occupants’Behavior towards the Use of Daylight in a Green Office Building in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
08 – Assessment of Indoor Air Temperature of a Low-cost Single Story Detached House in Malaysia.
09 – Comparison of Measured and Modelled Mean Radiant Temperature in the Tropical Urban Environment.
10 – Design Considerations of Side lighting, Top lighting and Atria in Laboratory Buildings.
11 – Study the effects of Physical Parameters on performance in Solar Chimney.
12 – Evaluation and Measurement of Indoor Air in Preschool Building.

Theme 4 : Green Building Materials
01 – Techno-Economic Evaluation of Roof Thermal Insulation for A Hypermarket in Equatorial Climate: Malaysia.
02 – Reflective Technology for Roof Applications in Malaysia.
03 – Preliminary Evaluation of Kenaf Fibre Using Solar Drying Chamber.
04 – Surface Temperature Performance of Green Façade Wall.
05 – Assessment of Embodied Energy: The Missing Piece -The Recurring Embodied Energy.
06 – The Impact of Air Gaps on the Performance of Reflective Insulations and Radiant Barriers.

Theme 5 : Renewable Energy Applications in Building
01 – Experimental Investigation of Cycle and Transient Time Effect of Solar Assisted Adsorption Air Conditioning System.
02 – Blade Optimization of 300-Watt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Low Wind Speed Region.
03 – Study on PMC Parameter to Increase Heat Storage Capacity.
04 – The Effect of Haze on The Performance of a Double Axis Photovoltaic Solar Tracking System with Maximum Light Detection (MLD) in Malaysia.
05 – Application of Nanofluids and Phase Change Material (PCM) in Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Collectors.
06 – Passive Thermal Regulation of Photovoltaic Module Temperature Using Truncated Fins
07 – Evaluation on Low Temperature and Tracking Effect of Solar Photovoltaic Power Output Under Tropical Climate Condition in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
08 – Skewed Wind Flows and the Performance of Wind Energy Devices on Rooftops: A Review.
09 – Investigation on Morphology and Optical Properties of TiO2 Blocking Layer Deposited in Ambient Air for Perovskite Solar Cell Application.
10 – The Effect of CH3NH3PbI3 Concentration Precursor on the TiO2/CH3NH3PbI3 Thin Film Morphology in Perovskite Solar Cell.
11 – Flowers Pigment Extraction from Erythrina Spp. and Ixora Coccinea Used as Natural Dye in DyeSensitized Solar Cells Application.
12 – Investigation of Ventilation Induced by Square Inclined Solar Chimney.
13 – Design and Early Development of Solar-Integrated Darrieus-Savonius Hybrid Wind Turbine.
14 – Green Energy Supply: Mechanical Vibration to Electricity Energy Transduction using Optimized Piezoelectric Power Generator.
15 – Wind Speed Distribution: A case study of Mersing, Malaysia.
16 – Optimization of Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) ans Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) for Hot Water and Electricity Generation in Healthcare Facility.
17 – Mathematical Investigation on Performance of Photovoltaic (PV) Combined with Direct-Expansion Heat Pump System (DX-SAHPS).

Theme 6 : Energy Efficient Building
01 – Building Envelope Retrofit: Enhancing Energy Performance in Existing Government Office Buildings in Malaysia.
02 – Computational Model for Financial and Environmental Assessment of Purpose Built Offices towards Low Carbon Buildings in Malaysia.
03 – The Need for a Sustainable Hospital: Why and How?
04 – Energy and Cost Saving Potential of Lighting System In Academic Building.

Theme 7 : Low Carbon Community
01 – Sustainable Dimension Pillars Adaptation in Green Township Assessment Criteria.
02 – An Experimental Investigation of Two Locations for Representing Vehicle’s Cabin Air Temperature.
03 – The Relationship between Economic Growth, Carbon Dioxide Emission and Renewable Energy Development: Malaysian Evidence.
04 – A Brief Overview: Intelligent Battery Management System for Lithium-Ion Battery in Electric Vehicle.

11-12 October 2017 | IUSGBC 2017

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Opening Address by Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia (KeTTHA)

Smart and Sustainable Cities (Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini bin Ujang)

Keynote Address

SDGs & the 11th Malaysia-Plan Towards Sustainable & Resilient Growth (Datuk Kamariah Noruddin) Financing Smart Cities in the Czech Republic (Vladislav Smrz) Future of Sustainability in the Tropics (Vladislav Smrz)


T1-02 WELL – A Healthy Business Opportunity (Tony Armstrong) T1-03 Tax Incentives for Green Technology Industry (Shahzul Jayawirawan Mohd Yunus) T1-04 Skills to achieve Zero Carbon Cities and give You an Edge (Bruce Rowse) T1-06 Reconciling Sustainability into Sustainable Business Strategy (Sharif James Zainal Aziz) T1-07 Green Costs – Greener Profits (Mitch Gelber) T1-08 The Rise of Green Leases & Green Bonds – A Legal Perspective (Hsian Siong Yong) T1-10 Green Technology Foresight 2030 (Ir Mohd Qaharuddin Abdullah) T1-11 Show Me the Money (Bruce Rowse)


T2-01 Better Places for People-Put Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Buildng (Joelle Chen) T2-03 Retrofitting Health and Wellbeing (Henry Woon) T2-04 Health and Wellbeing in UK Workplaces (Elinor Hugget) T2-05 Is Green the New Black (Duncan Cave) T2-06 Role of Concrete in Sustainable Development (Petr Dobry) T2-07 Creating Tomorrow & Beyond-Challenges & Opportunities (Dato’ S. Rajoo) T2-08 How IEQ affects Health and Wellbeing of Building Occupants (Sr Bay Wong) T2-09 Facade Retrofit for Thermal Comfort and Energy Savings (Hiroshi Kojima) T2-10 Recent Green Works for a Better Tomorrow (Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun) T2-11 Work, Place & Life (Simon Wild)

21 February 2017 | Waste, Composting & Biogas

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 01) Socialising Waste Separation at Source (Firdaus Nisha) 02) Enzymes for Organic Waste (Dr. Ng Chee Guan) 03) Extracting the Highest Value from Organic Waste (BK Sinha)

18 February 2017 | MS1525 & BYLAW 38A

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 01) Introduction to Governing Policies (MS1525 & UBBL 38A) (Mitch Gelber) 02) Insulation Product Knowledge, Cost Impact and Flexibility of Application (Faizul Haji Ideris) 03) OTTV Simplified (CK Tang)

08 November 2016 | Seminar on Achieving Building Sustainability with Simulation Technologies

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 01) 10 Key Elements of Energy Simulation (Ir. Tang Chee Khoay) 02) Different Simulation Techniques Available and Usage for Green Building Rating System (Jimmy Lee) 03) Case Study on Benefit of Simulations (Gregers Reimann) IES Capability Profile – Asia

22 September 2016 | Seminar on Healthy, Sustainable Interior Design

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 01) Overview of GBI Interior Design Tool (Ir. Ahmad Izdihar) 02) Indoor Environment Quality (Dr. Richard Seow) 03) Health, Well-being and Productivity in Offices (Ar. Von Kok Leong) 04) Sustainable Interior Design (Rostam Yaman)

29 March 2016 | GBI Professional Series 2016 – New GBI Incentive Updates & Green Cost Calculation

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) GBI and Tax Exemption (Ar Von Kok Leong) 2) GBI Green Cost Procedure & Submission and Common Errors (Ir Chen Thiam Leong) 3) QS Practice Notes & Qualifying CAPEX for non M&E Items (Sr Kwan Hock Hai) 4) Qualifying CAPEX (QE) on M&E Items (Ir Chen Thiam Leong)

04-05 March 2016 | International Urban Sustainability & Green Building Conference (IUSGBC) 2016

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Keynote 1 – Liveable Future – A Paradigm Shift (Ar Sarly Adre Sarkum) Keynote 2 – Cities We Love and Sustain (Tai Lee Siang) Keynote 4 – Transforming Malaysian Buildings Green Through GBI & Way Forward (Ar Chan Seong Aun) Keynote 5 – Low Carbon Cities – Malaysia’s Initiative to Create Better Places (Ir Ahmad Hadri) Keynote 6 – Health & Wellbeing in the Places We Create (Simon Wild) Keynote 7 – Vancouver – Greenest City 2020 (Andrea Reimer)[Video]


S01-1 New Green Integrated Building Solutions (Dato’ Chan Wah Kiang) S01-2 PAM-MGBC International Architectural Design Competition 2016 (Ar Von Kok Leong)


S02-1 Building a Green Community from Green Technologies Integration (Dr Worajit Setthapun) S02-2 How Paint Technology Evolves & Contributes to the Wellness of Living (Dr. Richard SH Seow)


S03-1 Towards Achieving Our Vision for a Better Livable City (Dato Paduka Ar Idris) S03-2 The Arts & Sciences of Sustainable Technologies (Ir Chen Thiam Leong) S03-3 Gross Pollutant Traps for Greener Water Ways (Ir Ana Miraa Mohd Yusof)


S04-1 Aspiring for Zero Energy Buildings (Professer Deo Prasad) S04-2 Eco Material: Energy Saving Thermal Insulation Wall (Ms Melissa Ng)


S05-2 Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices (Ar Von Kok Leong) S05-3 Green Measures: Art of Green Performance Verification (Jack Chan Weng Loon)


S06-2 Biophilic and Daylit Building Design Solutions (Gregers Reimann) S06-3 Basic Concept of Measurement and Verification (M&V) For Quantifying Energy Savings in Building (Dr Nofri Yenita Dahlan)


S07-1 Living in Circular Principles (Prof Emeritus Dato’ Ar Dr Elias) S07-2 Eco-systems + Immortality (Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun) S07-3 Building Commissioning as Delivery Process and Performance Evaluation, Collaboration with Institute of Higher Learning (Ir Soong Peng Soon)


S08-1 Rewarding Measurable Standards for Better Buildings: Do the Standards Go Far Enough? (Dr Anne F Kerr) S08-2 Increased Well-being for Building Occupants with the WELL Standard (Gregers Reimann and Sun Hansong) S08-3Thermal Comfort & Energy Efficiency (Ir Tang Chee Khoay)


S09-1 Intra-Asian Urbanism and Sustainable Urban Spaces (Dr Hoai Anh Tran) S09-2 Way Forward for Construction Industry and Solid Waste Management with Active Participation in Carbon Footprint Reduction for Sustainable Development (Ir Dr Saravanan Mariappan) S09-3 Sustainability and Green for Better Bottom Line and Business (Anthony Wong)


S10-1 Thermal Performance Characteristics of Outdoor Spaces in the Tropics (Dr Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini) S10-2 Green Tools Galore – Staying Ahead with GBI (Ir Chen Thiam Leong) S10-3 Green Interiors (Ir Ahmad Izdihar)


S11-1 Building Green Community (Surendro) S11-2 Buildability & Constructability for Sustainability (Dr Yeow Yoon Foo) S11-3 Long Term Goals and Targets for the Building Sector – How data assists in such formulations (Ir Kevin Hor)


S12-1 Low-E Glasses: Energy Savings, Comfort, Productivity and more (Charlene Smith) S12-3 Green Building Rating Tools in Malaysia: Market Effects & Comparison (Dr Zalina Shari)


S13-1 Better Places for People (Jorge Chapa) S13-2 Green Indulgence – Paradox of Doing Green Shopping Mall (Ir Lum Youk Lee) S13-3 Green Practices in MRT Construction (Ir Yeoh Jit Shiong)


S14-1 Future City Scenarios for Malaysia (Prof Dr Ar Abdul Malek) S14-2 The Fattest Nation in Asia and How the Built Environment Can Help (Gregers Reimann) S14-3 Rainwater – An Alternative Water Source for our Growing Cities (Dr Chee Chung Yee)

23 September 2015 | Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards Roadshow

Note: The following files are for participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) Integrating Sustainability for Business Success & Future Value (Esther An) 2) Te Mirumiru Designing for Cultural Sustainability (Phil Smith) 3) Penaga Hotel & George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site (Ar Serina Hijjas)

05 September 2015 | Roadshow: GBI Updates + Green Your Building/Factory to Shrink Your Energy Bills

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) EE in Compliance with Regulations (Zulkiflee Umar) 2) Energy Management Systems for Green Buildings EE (Zaini Abdul Wahab) 3) Reducing Your TNB’s Electricity Bill (Pn. Masilah) 4) RM Value from EE in Your Industrial Facility (Ir. Lalchand)

11 July 2015 | Roadshow: GBI News & Updates + Affordable Green Building

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) Affordable Green Building – Fact or Fallacy (Ar. Alice Leong) 2) Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Ir. Kok Yen Kwan) 3) Cost Effective IEQ Solutions in Buildings (Ir. Ng Yong Kong) 4) Sustainable Design & Maintenance (Ir. Jack Chan)

27 June 2015 | Seminar on Building Automation Systems

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) Monitoring Based Commissioning (by Ir. PS Soong) 2) Implementation of BAS to transform a High-Performance Green Building (by Noor Khan) 3) Towards Auto Energy Monitoring (by Ir. Jack Chan Weng Loon)

20-21 January 2015 | 2015 MU-IGBC Symposium

Note: The following files are for symposium participants only. A username and password is required to download these files.


Challenges and Opportunities (Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Ar. Dr. Elias Salleh) Green or Pink (Ir Ahmad Izdihar) Transferring Knowledge from University to Industry (Dr. Mohamad Fakri Zaky Jaafar)


A1. Implication Study of Daylighting on Energy Efficiency in Office Building (Dr Chan Siew Chong) A2. Living Lab – Real-life Testing of Green Tropical Building Solutions (Gregers Reimann) A3. Towards Green Building in Malaysia–Typical Problems in Many Existing Buildings and the Possible Solution (Shamsul Bahrim)


B1. Sustainable Water Management in Urban Areas (Prof. Dr. Thamer Ahmad Mohammed) B2. Indoor Water Efficiency For Institution of Higher Learning (Chuah Chong Tit) B3. Sustainable Stormwater Management (Aida Elyana Jamil) B4. Virus and Bacteria-Free Rainwater Harvesting System (Ana Miraa Mohd Yusof)


C1. The Zero Waste Campaign – An Integrated and Sustainable Waste Management Model in UM (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sumiani Yusoff) C3. An Eco-Cultural Intelligent Design – A Public Insistence (Dr Nor Atiah Ismail) C4. Waste Management – The SCP Approach (Bikash Sinha)


D1. Sustainable Housing Maintenance Management Model (Dr. Olanrewaju Abdullateef Ashola) D2. Building Commissioning (Ir Soong Peng Soon) D3. Malaysian Occupants Performance Evaluation (Tang Chee Khoay) D4. Time to Change Air Conditioning Design Assumptions (Julian Saw) D5. Create Value – Inspire Change (Sarah Greenlees)


E1. Three Prototypes of Solar Bottle Bulb (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chen Wang) E2. Innovative Roofing System for Reducing Solar Heat Gain from Natural Light Under Malaysian Sky Conditions (Karam M.Al-Obaidi & Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ar. Abdul Malek Abdul Rahman) E3. Techno-Economical Feasibility Study of Retrofitting UniKL MICET Office with Optimised Energy-Efficient Lighting (Fauhan Rosli) E4. Techno-economics of UTM Eco-Home-University-Industry Partners for Sustainable Build Environment (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zin Kandar) E5. Introduction to Passivhaus Building Technology (Phil Hammett) E6. BSEEP Passive Design Guideline (Tang Chee Khoay) E7. Building Energy Efficiency–The Tropical Context (Ir Looi Hip Peu) E8. Reflective Insulation Roof System (Lawrence Yong & Azrul Esfandy)

15 November 2014 | GBI Professional Series 2014 – Workshop on QS Practice Notes and Calculating Qualifying Expenditure

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) QS Practice Notes for GBI Green Building (Tee Siew Wing) 2) Calculating Qualifying Expenditure for M&E Items (Ir Chen Thiam Leong) 3) Calculating Qualifying Expenditure for Non M&E Items (Tee Siew Wing)

17 July 2014 | GBI Professional Series 2014 – Workshop on Waste Management & Responsible Sourcing

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) Reducing Waste Through Architectural Design (Ar Alice Leong Pek Lian) 2) Responsible Sourcing (Ir Kok Yen Kwan) 3) Waste Management (Ir Thirukumaran Jallendran) 4) Calculation of Construction Waste (Peter Chia Peng Hai) 5) The Global Waste Scandal (Bikash Sinha) [Video Included]

13-15 February 2014 | GBI Professional Series 2014 – Seminar & Workshop on Commissioning Process for Green Buildings

Note: The following files are for workshop participants only. A username and password is required to download these files. 1) Local Practice and Green Commissioning and The CxS (Day 1) (Ir Chen Thiam Leong) 2) Fundamentals and Practical Approach to Building Commissioning (Day 2) (Ir Soong Peng Soon) 3) Fundamentals and Practical Approach to Building Commissioning (Day 3) (Ir Soong Peng Soon) 4) How GBI Derives BEI, PUE and EUI (Day 3) (Ir Chen Thiam Leong)

26 November 2013 | MONASH University Malaysia – ELP Leadership Summit 2013

Greening The Built Environment For A More Sustainable Future (Ir. Kok Yen Kwan)

15 March 2012 | Forum on Identification of Key Products as Pioneers of the Carbon Footprint Labelling Scheme in Malaysia Presentations

About SWITCHAsia Project Carbon foot print labelling based on international practices & standards Global Trends on ED & CFP Benchmarking

TSGBC 2012 Conference Papers

A Better Tomorrow – Dr Tan Loke Mun Advancing the Green Agenda in Singapore – Professor Lee Siew Eang Case Study of Refurbishment and Green Cost – Ahmad Idzihar Creating comfortable outdoor spaces in tropical climates – Russell Cole Expensive Not to Go Green – Gregers Reimann Green Building Assessment Promotes the Development of Green Building in China – Dr. Li Congxiao Green Sense-Cost to Value Mindset Shift – Rod Leaver Humidity Control in Tropical Climates with Heat Pipes-The green Way! – Mohan Dhingra Innovative Daylight Systems for the Tropics – Gregers Reimann Proper Application of Emerging and Cutting Edge Technologies in Tropical Climes – Ir. Chen Thiam Leong Psychological Drivers to Sustainable Development – Tim Cotter Sustainable Developments-Cost or Value – Ir. Thirukumaran Jallendran Talk on Sustainable Townships summary 5 & 6 July 2012 Technology-Intuition Vs Intervention – Cheong Yew Kee The Ecological Adaptability of Ancient Villages in Yangshan, Haikou – Wang Yongping The Green HVAC Concept-HVAC System Renovation in Existing Buildings – Dr. Kuan Hsiung Yang The New Urban Design Control Strategy of Kaohsiung City based on Micro-Climatic Map in Taiwan – Joseph, Yenyi Li The Roles Which Environmental Psychology Can Play in Building a Low Carbon City – Xiangyang Wu The UNDP or GEF Low Carbon Buildings Program in Malaysia – Poul E. Kristensen Through Networking We Are Transforming – Naning Adiwoso Update on Green Building Index – Ar. Boon Che Wee Urban Forestation – Ar.Tai Lee Siang Vignettes of Green Governance the Philippine Setting – Pablo FA Suarez WGBC-The Global Network – Jane Henley